Harken, Sheil!

Blessed almost Yule to all pagans, hope all is well.

Blessed Sheil to all from the heatheru tradition, our sheil (Shee-ill) is much like yule to all but instead of giving gifts and using the yule log, we just meet for food, and sit with friends about the fires for about three weeks. This termed “home steading”, which giving watch for three weeks during particularly cold evenings and a cold time, and cooking for the houses who camped there. This corresponds with Skeil, which arrives in early march or late april when the spring rains wreak havoc after a cold or snowy winter. This is like your Imbolc and Ostara. This teaches compassion services for those who need them, and we were able to give medicine and food and shelter life for those who needed it.

I hope all are well in this time of yr which has always been particularly hard for people like myself and people in today’s time as well. If you can donate food, clothing, money, shelter or other items please give. It really does help people to know that someone cares.

Pagans and Heathens can be compassionate as well.


Wild Bird



This Blog

Will be changing up somewhat. I am still heatheru but my path is changing pretty much and still is Dark Paganism, or Nocturnal Paganism or even Aetheral/Dawn and Setheral/Dusk Paganism (Dusk/Dawn/Civil Twilight) which probably has a more “Vampyre Like” feel to it. Not going away from heatheru (Caysharoo) being. I have tried to maintain the old blog as much as possible as an evolutionary being but right now I need to explore and write about other areas of my self, and being, and this will either make us grow or we’ll stagnate.


I am working on a pagan and ning version of Twitter.

I recently deleted my twitter account and will not be going back. I am hoping to create a better stronger Pagan type of Twitter called Pagan LiveFeed:


If you would like to join, you can. 21+ and up, Community or Personal profile, use the site to send statuses, pics, and blogs, polls. Soon I will be able to update to a paid plan and we will have more modules.

Join Here


We have been about working on a new post pagan era

I have been slightly busy with the reinventing of a New Charge of the God/dess and “rede” with the pagan eclipse movement, which was created due to bisexuals and LGBTQ+ saying that Doreen Valiente naturally meant “gays and homosexuals and bisexuals” to be included by channeling the Goddess in the charge when she says “all amounts of pleasures are my rituals”. She wrote this as a poem, and in the 1950’s, Homosexuality was very closet, taboo thing. I doubt she meant them. I have invited the pagan public to also help with the ideal of the eclipse movement but so far a bunch of support on twitter, facebook, and wordpress, but none of them want to help by signing in and writing or submitting something.


Is it all up to me?  #anamassien #PaganEclipseMovement

Belated Imbolgc to you

Or known in the Heatheru system, Blessed Rathás to you! (Ray-sha) “Beginning”

I tried to get over here via Imbolgc, had every good intention to do so, forgot my pass and so ended up not being able to remember to log in other than today.  Feb has been a good month so far. I have been making clay animals that are incense burners for both stick and cone, in a new store called Moon N Fang. I am looking into an etsy or web shop for it, but I have just created about 12 things and if it doesn’t catch on well I may have to put this on the back burner. Here there is a slideshow of recent’s.

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Faile Shethen!

This is the Samhain holiday in Heatheru/Paiga and Cáitha. I’ve grown up a notch in the path since I last spoke with you all here and as normal, another yr of fleshing out heatheru has come and gone, but no hurry, we’re beings of forever. I will get there some day. I’ve opened a ning trial, for https://darkpagansgrotto.space for members of the Darker pagan paths. I write allot there and share and so on and so forth, but we do not have allot of lively, shareful members. Please come join, I’d like to have at least 15-30 users by the time the trial ends in December 2019.

Failé Shethen (Fell-ee Sheth-en) is a warrior spirit time of sharing around a whooping fire, trading stories, meeting with one’s tribe or clan again, festival, feasting, and making one’s self some new weapons or walking weapons (sticks, staffs, dirken’s (knives made out of wood, but not knives) It’s actually considered the start of summer, similar to Beltaine, or Béltine which is known as the day of the dead to the Paiga/Cáitha people. (Kay-sha) Cáitha is an pre/before term of heatheru (Caysh-aroo). In the time’s of Cáitha, we did not have a winter season. There was barely a fall or a spring. This an endless supply of warm, dry days and nights.

I actually came to talk about Reverent Samhain Rituals and Practices and I want to thank the pagans of the world still for making an effort to remember Samhain and Hallowmas as a special, sacred time of honoring the dead, the passed, the ending of the old year, the start of a new one for those that celebrate the new wheel of the year start, and for staying reverent.

I have seen some posts lately from the wild hunt, where Samhain to someone is “Gay Christmas”, and it occurred to me that perhaps he’s never been to a Samhain circle or event where the spirit rises and we remember the old ways and we remember why we are pagans or witches, wiccans and shamans. We are Reverent and I wish for more of us to also become quiet, still, and reverent in our solitary lives and circles.

Circle Sanctuary Article – Talks about celebrating Samhain reverently   Continue reading Faile Shethen!

Think about this

In the old days when paganism was new, and even paiga was old, did we sit around the hearth and fires and say “The Planet Mars is Retrograde”. No, we did not know the planets were there or that they were retrograde, so it did not effect our lives. Hmmm.

Now, because we study the stars and “astrology” we are convinced  in fact, very serious about it being retrograde and we blame all the wrongness of our lives on the fact that 1-5 planets are in retrograde.

I am sorry but I really don’t see why this is needed? Does it really effect us that a planet is direct or retrograde? Nope. It is because we listen to the media and the seers and the mediums and psychics and we want to be real, that we say that retrograde effects us.

Kind of puts witch things into some specs doesn’t it?



Found at Fineartamerica.com and on google image search


A Little word to the wise(ned)

If you are a pagan looking for a community via mobile or web, look no further than aminoapps.com you have to do most things by your phone or tablet (so have a bluetooth keyboard) but its manageable, however, there are two communities I’d not bother with. Remember a wise man once said “Do not build your castle on other peoples’ soil”.

Pagan & Witches: Largest community for pagans on amino, but you have to walk on eggshells and have to follow the rules to the point its not fun anymore and whatever you do don’t you dare follow any sort of karmic law. Sorry boys and gals but the wicca and the pagan path was created based on getting what you deserve – so if you cast it, and its not deserved its going to come back and bite your butt. I even believe they didn’t want the men and women to talk. They have allot of good articles and materials, but sources have to be cited and if you don’t cite anything, you don’t belong. I am 47, female, single and myself. Your approval of me, and what I write isn’t needed.

Heatheru do not really cast spells, we are more herbal and ailment people, but we do a bit of justice magicks as well, but we do witsku which is shadow magick or revenant magick, which does not mean magick done in a shade or shadow, but shadow, where others not like us can see. Magick can be seen by the caster and the then there is a physical magick which is where paganism and such evolved from. Yes.

The other is called World of Magick and it is a traditionalist amino and it is worse. If you view an amino and it has all these pinned articles on the front, they are all ran by the same people. You can have many aminos and that is fine but they are all ran by the same way.

Witchcraft is a flowing river. It can not be structured properly, or reigned in properly. It is a wild animal. Let it flow free.


Busy Busy Pagan Lady

Greetings everyone,

I have been very busy. I have two stores now that I design artwork for. http://moonchildpagan.com and I now run a state group for Georgia Pagans on amino apps.

I hope everyone had a good beltane and I hope everyone will have a good Lithia.

The Heatheru Blog and forum has been on the back burner for a while but I promise some good upcoming updates.

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