Harken, Sheil!

Blessed almost Yule to all pagans, hope all is well.

Blessed Sheil to all from the heatheru tradition, our sheil (Shee-ill) is much like yule to all but instead of giving gifts and using the yule log, we just meet for food, and sit with friends about the fires for about three weeks. This termed “home steading”, which giving watch for three weeks during particularly cold evenings and a cold time, and cooking for the houses who camped there. This corresponds with Skeil, which arrives in early march or late april when the spring rains wreak havoc after a cold or snowy winter. This is like your Imbolc and Ostara. This teaches compassion services for those who need them, and we were able to give medicine and food and shelter life for those who needed it.

I hope all are well in this time of yr which has always been particularly hard for people like myself and people in today’s time as well. If you can donate food, clothing, money, shelter or other items please give. It really does help people to know that someone cares.

Pagans and Heathens can be compassionate as well.


Wild Bird




Think about this

In the old days when paganism was new, and even paiga was old, did we sit around the hearth and fires and say “The Planet Mars is Retrograde”. No, we did not know the planets were there or that they were retrograde, so it did not effect our lives. Hmmm.

Now, because we study the stars and “astrology” we are convinced  in fact, very serious about it being retrograde and we blame all the wrongness of our lives on the fact that 1-5 planets are in retrograde.

I am sorry but I really don’t see why this is needed? Does it really effect us that a planet is direct or retrograde? Nope. It is because we listen to the media and the seers and the mediums and psychics and we want to be real, that we say that retrograde effects us.

Kind of puts witch things into some specs doesn’t it?



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A Little word to the wise(ned)

If you are a pagan looking for a community via mobile or web, look no further than aminoapps.com you have to do most things by your phone or tablet (so have a bluetooth keyboard) but its manageable, however, there are two communities I’d not bother with. Remember a wise man once said “Do not build your castle on other peoples’ soil”.

Pagan & Witches: Largest community for pagans on amino, but you have to walk on eggshells and have to follow the rules to the point its not fun anymore and whatever you do don’t you dare follow any sort of karmic law. Sorry boys and gals but the wicca and the pagan path was created based on getting what you deserve – so if you cast it, and its not deserved its going to come back and bite your butt. I even believe they didn’t want the men and women to talk. They have allot of good articles and materials, but sources have to be cited and if you don’t cite anything, you don’t belong. I am 47, female, single and myself. Your approval of me, and what I write isn’t needed.

Heatheru do not really cast spells, we are more herbal and ailment people, but we do a bit of justice magicks as well, but we do witsku which is shadow magick or revenant magick, which does not mean magick done in a shade or shadow, but shadow, where others not like us can see. Magick can be seen by the caster and the then there is a physical magick which is where paganism and such evolved from. Yes.

The other is called World of Magick and it is a traditionalist amino and it is worse. If you view an amino and it has all these pinned articles on the front, they are all ran by the same people. You can have many aminos and that is fine but they are all ran by the same way.

Witchcraft is a flowing river. It can not be structured properly, or reigned in properly. It is a wild animal. Let it flow free.


Busy Busy Pagan Lady

Greetings everyone,

I have been very busy. I have two stores now that I design artwork for. http://moonchildpagan.com and I now run a state group for Georgia Pagans on amino apps.

I hope everyone had a good beltane and I hope everyone will have a good Lithia.

The Heatheru Blog and forum has been on the back burner for a while but I promise some good upcoming updates.

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Flidais, Celtic Earth Goddess, Lady of the Forest and Much More by Judith Shaw

Something I thought readers would like.

gugg jude72This year the fall equinox occurs on September 22.  In the Pagan calendar it is a time for giving thanks called Mabon.  Mabon celebrates the end of the harvest season and is a time to honor our wild nature and nature spirits. It is a day of perfect balance when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal. Mabon ushers in our journey into the dark night of winter.

Flidais (pronounced flee-ish) is a complex Celtic Goddess with many differing stories and aspects.  She represents both our domestic and our wild natures and is an appropriate Goddess to call on on this day of balance.  She first appears in the ancient mythological cycles as an Earth Mother. She was the  mother of the Irish cultivator heroes, Arden, and Bé Téite and the “she-farmers” Bé Chuille and  Dinand.   From Her they gained the power to cultivate and work the earth for…

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The God “Dies” and Is “Reborn”

Yesterday I talked about the rebirth of the god. In Paganism, pagans believe he dies along with summer and is dead when winter is here and rises again in Imbogc when light returns to the earth.

For the Hëatheru, however when the God dies, he does not die nor is he reborn from a womb. There are two traditions of this method. He hides so that the Oak God can do his thing, and run about and say he killed the solar God (The pagan version is the oak king and holly king fight) and his time is on the land. Meanwhile our solar God is hanging out in his fortress and his forest gathering strength to face the Oak God and call him out on Yule. In this tradition even many eons before the birth of even ancient paganism or paigos, the faerie or norns play apart in the Solar God’s healing and warrior training. His name is Nü. (New which means young). He was not so much a being of the sun as a being of light, kind of like Apollo.

The second tradition is that the Solar God goes off to warrior training with the norns and demons of the world so he can learn how to fight when the final battle happens. He then comes “home” to the Goddess and she feeds him blood from her veins. He is “reborn”. Early forms of paiga believe that we can not sway with the season or the weather. It became an ancient story, and so our Goddess became one with the God, and they had a courtship. It lasted for a long time, but a fleeting moment in eternity.  The Goddess being from one tribe, and the God from another. They never attempted to marry as they were married in spirit with one another and had a spirit marriage with one another. They never had children because we were not trying to populate the world with children. That is the other races creation.

Nü and Gráinë (Grace almost in some format, said as Gry-ase) met one day while in an apple orchard, he was walking with a male friend and she was on her horse riding. Nü took a liking to Gráinë and wanted to be her friend, he didn’t ask to date her or marry because these were not popular things to do at the time. The people had eternity. Such simple times. Together as friends their names are literally New Grace. Or New Presence.

The idea that a God is reborn every yr to the same Goddess, is disgusting to heatheru, because we do not approve of giving birth. It is considered a racial slur to be beget with child to our race. Just think, she gives birth to him, every year so every eight months or so she gets pregnant, again. This does not make any sense. If he is reborn on Ostara, then she got pregnant with him again on ? Let’s do the math here:

  1. He is born on Ostara in the pagan Calendar.
  2. Beltane
  3. Midsummer
  4. Lammas
  5. Mabon
  6. Samhain
  7. Yule
  8. Imbolgc
  9. Another Ostara.

Most women have to take at least three to five months again in order to conceive. Am I the only one who sees this? Maybe she gives birth to one son. Maybe people in the towns and things repeat that she had a son every year. So it seems she has many children. I fail to believe that she had children magickally because there would be no need for them to be in her womb. She would just place them here. It is supposed to be a whole thing about the birth process and the family and the god and his woman I know. Yuck. I had a child too, I know, and it is Yuck.

There is no time, plus the fact that during the time of this type of paganism we did not have all the pagan or wiccan tradition we do today. Say she gets pregnant with him again at Mabon, she only has 4 months of pregnancy with her child. But the old god dies at Samhain so really she only has three. I know that paganism is about light and warmth returning to the earth, but their God mythos is wacked. I want modern wiccan and pagans to look at her birth record here. They will have to say I am right.

I am not saying, print the truth – and let us have our mythos back. This is not what this is about. Keep your kooky mythos about your God and Goddess.

Wicca and Paganism as it is today meant well to sully the witsku tradition with reborn of the God by the vein. Heatheru tradition is a vampiric conditional tradition, we drink, there is communion and we rise anew. It is considered taboo to drink life force in wicca.

Yet Dark Pagans abound!

Rights as Pagans, wiccans, magickal…

Rights as Pagans, wiccans, magickal workers
I know many people that would right now argue with me that I don’t have the right to work my own spells, write my own solo book of shadows and or re-create or create my own magickal pathway. I have been a pagan for over 15+ years. I say otherwise.

In the Degree tradition of paganism and witchcraft, first year witches will be encouraged to:

1.Write their own spells
2. Create and add periodically to their own Book of Shadows
3. Attend their own circles for sabbat and esbats.

In the Second year they can:

1. Create their own covens.

2. Create a social group based on their works.

3. Create their own magickal tradition if they so choose.

In their third year they can:

1. Initiate coven leaders within their starting tradition

2. Initiate coven members into their own magickal traditions

3. Lead coven members to create their own spells and BoS’s

4. Become a third generation witch within their home trad and circle

5. Lead passing on rituals with other elders of their home circle

6. Lead and work with other elders at wiccaning children (wiccan baptism) and so on.

If I were a level degree pagan, (I’d be bored and no offense for those whom are, but at 15+ years I’d be up there with the pre Crones and that is exactly where I am, degree or no degree. It is just a piece of paper and with spiritual experience, this is what a pagan needs, not a piece of paper!)

Therefore I create my own groups, and I am hoping to re-create Heatheru and witsku traditions. Not all Heathen pagans want to swill whisky in a tankard and act like wild beasts or look like one. Some of us want to be Beautiful in a non human way and to own our beast-y natures in a much more calm and peaceful way. No one is going to respect your tradition if you carry on in violence. Or “I can because I hate christians!” Well, why really? “Because their God is a bitch to follow, it says this and this to do!” No, it does not. If you had wisdom, you would know the bible was written by men, NOT BY GOD. You have knowledge don’t you? Maybe the Gods came and went and later on someone whom witnessed it, decided they’d write from their POV and then the bible was created out of thin air. Can’t you take it all with a grain of salt rather than getting pissed off for no reason, thus proving that some pagans (when really if you are pagan, you respect life more than this angry soul is doing!) really aren’t cool people. Why all this anger?

Most pagan tradition, be they heathen, they be angry. This anger is not their anger. This anger belongs to ways they were raised, shit they went through so they become a heathen tradition because their rebels against their raising and their parents and life. ARRGHHH! (wild stampede through the blog post) Heatheru is a calmer path towards acceptance of the spirit we are. For in heatheru is popular for some to feral, even in modern times. By Feral, I mean they may not bathe, comb their hair, or be around people all that much. It depends on the trust, mindset and being in question, eventually all heatheru will bathe, comb the hair, shave even and associate with people.

It also depends on brain chemicals, they need more serotonin and b complex and zinc and manganese. Because if you are drawn to a heatheru path you’re probably strigoi or latent vampiric. You’ll have nervous disorder, fibro, RA and generally be considered “weird, creepy, kooky and creature-y) and YOU will be and should be so proudly, without ego, or you’re also amazingly sensitive too at first. Before long we’re mean mugging thugs on their street and we’re the coldest emotionless people on the street. But we still love, and we still care. But if you hurt us, you’ll know it.

So yes, If I am calm and wise, and I can create my own spells, Books and Covens, I damn sure know I Can create my own cyber groups and websites and traditions.

Quit being so judgmental. There is no overall Pagan Community Leader or Elder that I need to go through for permission, so grow the hell up. Come on, Small wooden boy!

The Heatheru Shamanic Path as well as other Spiritual Musings

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